Lore-master Intro

21 Jun

What is a Lore-master? Lets start with a few basics.

Lore-masters come in Human or Elf variety. There is not much difference in races except for a few traits. For those racial traits i would advise you to check the excellent racial trait guide at the MMOrsel.

Lore-masters are one of the Hybrid classes of LOTRO. That means that its not one of the holy trinity of classes: Main Healer, Main Tank, Main Damage Dealer (DPS).

The Lore-master can do a bit of healing and a bit of damage. But it’s main focus is a completely different business:

Crowd Control – The Lore-master specializes in controlling the field of battle. If can immobilize a foe or a group of foes for varying lengths of time, but if well timed and played you can immobilized quite a few foes for unlimited amounts of time.

Debuffing – Lore-master excels in decreasing the damage that foes inflict on you or your fellowship, along with skills that increase the damage that you (or your friends) can inflict on your enemies.

Power Healing – Although not the same kind as morale healing, Lore-master’s can continuously share his own power with fellowship members, making it the main power healer in LOTRO.

Pet Class – Lore-master’s are the main pet class in LOTRO, although not the only class with pets, in the lore-master’s journey his pets play a major role on the rising lore-master. But unlike other games don’t expect your pet to always take your damage for you or do damage instead of you. They are your companions and more of a buff than your main strength or weakness. Don’t rely on them completely but don’t discard them either since they can save your day when things get hairy.


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