Level 8

30 Jun

Level 8 adds again 2 more skills to the young Lore-master’s arsenal.

Beacon of Hope: This skill enables you to transfer some amount of morale from yourself to an ally or pet. It can be someone inside or outside your fellowship or even a NPC (non-player character). This skill will cost you a small amount of morale and will give your targetted ally a big chunk of morale. You cannot target yourself with this skill.

TIP: Although Lore-master’s are not main healers like Minstrels and Rune-Keepers, Beacon of Hope is a nice emergency heal. If you see your group’s tank falling low on morale, heal it. Sometimes minstrel’s are so focused on healing everyone else that they forget themselves. If you see your minstrel low on morale, don’t be afraid to use this skill on him/her.

Beacon of Hope Tooltip at Level 65

Gust of Wind: This will be your second Nature’s  Fury skills. This group of skills will be your main damage dealers but beware: Besides costing you power they will also cost a small amount of morale to cast. Gust of Wind is a long range skill (40m) that will deal a area-of-effect damage (AoE), up to 6 enemies that are close to your target. It will also add to your target and enemies affected by the skill a debuff, adding 7% miss chance to all their attacks.

TIP: Gust of Wind will not be your highest damaging skill, but since it’s AoE be careful when casting it. If there are un-attacked enemies close by that are damaged by GoW, they will turn to you.

TIP: In group play, cast Gust of Wind after your tank has some aggro on mobs. Besides the damage, the miss chance will help a with healing, because your tank will be hit less often. Don’t cast it too soon, because you don’t want to draw unwanted attention.

Gust of Wind at level 65

Note: This post was rewritten due to the changes to the Lore-master in the Volume 3, Book 2 changes. They will come into effect on the 8th of September 2010.


2 Responses to “Level 8”

  1. thekhazadguard June 30, 2010 at 15:22 #

    Another Welcome to the community. My Loremaster is currently level 30 and I haven’t played him in ages, so I think this is going to be a really usefull site for me in future!

    One final query, do you still live in Europe and play on Turbine servers, and I may just have bought a Turbine copy of the Game cheap thanks to a dodgy Play.com seller, and I wondered if its of any use to me when F2P comes along, or whether to just try and Mail it to an American friend?

    • wickedpt June 30, 2010 at 15:26 #

      Thanks for the warm welcome.

      As for the Turbine copy, my opinion is that when the game goes F2P all of the content that’s on that package (SoA, SoA+MoM, etc) will already be included, so you don’t have buy individual quest packs.

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