Level 12

8 Jul

Level 12 gives the lore-master its 2 class defining Debuffs. Fire-lore will reduce a group of enemies melee damage and Wind-lore will reduce a group of foes ranged damage.

Fire-lore: This is a non-damaging skill (a debuff) that affects up to 3 enemies in front of the lore-master. This short range skill reduces the affected enemies melee damage by 30% (close combat damage, it does not affect archers and similar ranged foes). This is the Lore-masters first Are of Effect (AoE) skill since it affects up to 3 enemies in an area in front of the Lore-master. Its a very simple but underrated skill: because 30% less damage can be equal wearing heavy armour. This is specially important, because the Lore-master can be a very squishy class early on. This skill enables combat.

Fire-Lore In-Game Tooltip

Wind-lore: The sister skill to Fire-lore. This debuff will cut your attackers ranged damage in half. This is also a Area of Effect skill, meaning that it will affect up to 3 enemies within a small area of the affected foe. It’s a very good skill to use against those pesky archer’s. In group play, use it when you see archer’s attacking your group, making your healer’s job much easier. This skill will also slow the selected enemies attacks by 10% (ranged, melee or tactical) meaning they will use less attacks per round.

TIP: Some archers will simply stop attacking from range and will follow you to melee. If you can cast Burning ember‘s on them and then Wind-lore they will just be following you around, as long as you stay out of their melee distance.

TIP: This skill has a very high power cost so use it wisely.

Windlore Tooltip

Next: The Bear!

Note: This post was rewritten due to the changes to the Lore-master in the Volume 3, Book 2 changes. They will come into effect on the 8th of September 2010.


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