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Blog updated with F2P skill changes

6 Sep

Hello all!

The blog was updated with the changes incoming with 8th of September patch. Some comments will be out of place, since they will refer to skills that are now acquired at different levels.

Some skills that where acquired at higher levels are now updated as well. You can check Test of Will and Cracked Earth now, just follow the links.

Another interesting change with the next patch, its the change in levels when you get Sign of Power: Wizardry and the Raven. Since they now come at level 2, you can start flanking at that level. That will increase young lore-master’s survivability alot in the early levels.

Hope you find the changes useful. Since most posts where changed, same things might be wrong (although i double checked!) so if you see something wrong, please comment.

If you are new to the blog and to the lore-master class, welcome. 🙂


Free To Play – Skill Level Changes Chart

2 Sep

Hello everyone. As you know the new LOTRO patch will launch on September 10th (or 8th if you are in the headstart). This new patch will bring some changes to the levels which skills are acquired. This changes go all the way up to level 30. I will change the Blog in the next days to represent this changes. I’ve also compiled a small chart with the skills that will change in levels:

F2P Skill Level Chart

There are some very welcome changes. Specially the Sign of Power: Wizardry and Raven-lore change, so now young lore-masters can start flanking at level 2! That will bring some much-needed survivability at the early levels. Some group skills moved to higher levels and damaging and healing skills moved down to lower levels.

Good news.

Level Skill Group Old Level
1 Burning Embers Fury of Nature 1
1 Staff-Strike Melee Skills 1
1 Sign of Power: Command Signs of Ancient Magics 1
2 Raven-Lore Friend of the Animals 4
2 Sign of Battle: Wizardry Signs of Ancient Magics 14
4 Inner Flame Healing and Motivation 16
4 Sign of the Wild: Rage Signs of Ancient Magics 8
6 Test of Will Lost Knowledge 26
6 Sign of the Wild: Protection Signs of Ancient Magics 6
8 Gust of Wind Fury of Nature 12
8 Beacon of Hope Healing and Motivation 4
10 Leechcraft Cures of the House of Healing 10
10 Blinding Flash Lost Knowledge 10
12 Fire-Lore Lore of the Second Age 2
12 Wind-Lore Lore of the Second Age 8
14 Friend of Bears Friend of the Animals 14
14 Cracked Earth Fury of Nature 22
16 Tend the Sick Cures of the House of Healing 16
16 Power of Knowledge Lost Knowledge 6
18 Light of the Rising Dawn Fury of Nature 18
18 Bane Flare Lost Knowledge 18
20 Knowldge of the Lore-Master Lore of the Second Age 20
20 Wisdom of the Council Lost Knowledge 20
22 Share the Power Lost Knowledge 24
24 Sign of Power: Righteousness Signs of Ancient Magics 28
26 Warding Knowledge: Dead Lost Knowledge 28
28 Ancient Wisdom Lost Knowledge 30
30 Lynx-Speech Friend of the Animals 30
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