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What comes next?

20 Dec

Maybe you didn’t notice, but i haven’t posted much or anything at all lately. Honestly, my two baby girls are taking most of my time (Blog time, gaming time, etc). But my leave is almost over, so i’ll be back to work soon. Since i have a long comute back home, i’ll have some spare blog time on the train and will probably pick up where i left of.

But i could use your help. I haven’t received comments lately and I’ve sincerely thought about shutting the place down. I guess it’s up to you. If i still have anyone out there that finds this blog interesting or useful, i’ll keep running it. I love the Lore-master class and i have great pleasure on passing my experience to others.

So I’ve created a poll so you can choose or guide me into what you think StaffStrike should be heading next. If the blog has run its course, it was a very rewarding first blogging experience.

Please vote and merry Christmas in your part of the world.

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