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Ask Staff Strike: My Toolbar Layout

14 Jan

Some of you have asked me what my Toolbar Layout looks like. Well, frankly, it’s a mess! I started my Lore-Master way back on Shadows of Angmar (right before Book 13 I think) and the class has “suffered” from many revisions since then. Also, I change some skill locations depending on what I’m doing (Solo, Group or PvMP play), so some skills may change to a more comfortable position.

Anyway, here’s the latest screenshot of my toolbar:


It was changed recently to accommodate for the new skills, Frost-Lore and Staff-Sweep. There is not a lot of logic here. Some skills where place as I earned them, and some skills were moved as I was using them more or less, accordingly.

I also use the two side buttons from my mouse (I use a Razer Deathadder) for some quick skills. Those also change a lot. In group play I try and have the Share the Power skill as close as I can. In PvMP it’s the Sign of Power: Righteousness and Solo it’s usually Sign of Power: Command or Sign of Battle Wizard’s Fire.

Also, in all of my toons, I have a habit of using the “zero” key for my emergency skills. For the Lore-Master it’s the Wisdom of the Council skill.

Some skills never trade places because I have a bad case of muscle memory, so even though some skills placement may not make much sense (Blinding Flash on “4” or Leechcraft on “Ctrl+6”) I’ve gotten used to them being there and when I try to change them they don’t feel “right”.

As for pets, i’ve dragged the special pet attacks to my toolbar, so i can use them if i need to. I also dragged the Attack and Follow command, so i can send my pet in and out of combat quickly.

So I’m sorry if I don’t have many great tips for your keyboard layout. My suggestions are to just use what’s confortable to you and place some of the more important skills in places where you won’t forget them and have quick access to.

If you have any questions about the Lore-Master or LOTRO in general, don’t be shy and contact me. I will do my best to answer with tips and opinions. All my contacts are in the Contacts link.


Level 18

13 Jan

Hello again!

After this long hiatus, I thought it would be better (also after watching the poll votes, thank you for voting) if I would pick up where I left off. I will continue with skills until level 20 and probably then I will start on traits and trait-lines.

So, here we are at level 18. We have one important skill (believe me, you will use it often) and a situational skill, but important nonetheless.


Light of the Rising Dawn: This skill’s tooltip is pretty much straight forward. It does mid-high damage (light based) and it will stun the selected enemy for 3 seconds. It is, however, on a short cooldown, 30 seconds, and it will, probably, be one of your most damaging skills for a few levels. Use it often, but beware that since this a Nature’s Fury skill it will also cost you morale along with power.

TIP: This is something I must talk about in a few posts, but after a stun, all enemies (and friends also) receive an automatic 10-second stun immunity buff. So don’t use this skill if you think you (or someone else in your fellowship) will need to use a stun or a fellowship maneuver in the next seconds. This is specially important if you are teaming with a burglar, since they cannot use their fellowship maneuver skills on stun-immune enemies.

TIP: The stun state, along with the daze state (of Blinding Flash and Bane Flare), will overwrite a rooted state (such as the one give by the Cracked Earth delayed root). So if you use it against an enemy that is rooted, after the stun that same enemy will not be rooted anymore.

TIP: With 3 red traits, you can lower the cooldown on this skill by 15 seconds.

TIP: You can also use this skill to interrupt an enemy’s induction. So if you see that glowing orange or green circle below an enemy, you can hit this skill and interrupt his special attack or self-heal. This is specially useful on enemies that are immune to Blinding Flash (Dead, Creatures of Nature).



Bane Flare: This skill will  stun and then mezz (daze) up to 3 Dead creatures, in a 10m radius of yourself. This means that it won’t be used against your selected enemy, because it is centered on yourself. This also means that you can use this skill without selecting any enemy, even out of combat (it makes a great firework effect :).  All kidding aside, this skill was made to counteract some of the Blinding Flash’s faults. And since you probably are or should almost be at the Barrow Down’s zone, the Dead will be nothing personal nemesis for the young Lore-Masters. Also, this skill only affect’s the Dead.

This is a 2-part skill, since it will stun first for 5-seconds and after the stun wears off, it will daze for 10 seconds more. What this means is that for the first 5 seconds, any damage made to the affected Dead will not break the Bane Flare effect, because it’s a stun. But after those 5 seconds, any damage made to it will wake up the damaged enemy from his dazed state.

TIP: You cannot use this skill the same way you use Blinding Flash. Mainly because the cooldown is bigger than the dazed effect. Although it will daze up to three Dead, you cannot re-apply it before the effect wears off.

TIP: I’ve already stated this, but I will repeat it. This is a self-centered skill, meaning that it won’t affect the enemy you are selecting, but instead it will be launched above you, and daze up to 3 dead that are within 10m of you. So if the enemy you are selecting is more than 10m away from you, you will have to move closer to him if you want him dazed.

TIP: If you slot at least 2 traits in the yellow line, you can increase the number of Dead affected by skill by two, bringing the number of enemies affected by this skill to 5.


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