Traits – Levels 1-10

21 Apr

Its time to talk traits. Traits will enhance you your Lore-Master and some might be game changing. This is Lotro’s way to differentiate players of the same class and different playstyles. They can go so deep as to change the whole classes role. Later we will talk about trait lines, but for starters we’ll talk about the four traits you can start earning in the first 10 levels.

This is what Turbine has to say about traits:

As you progress through the game, you will earn Traits. Traits are gained by completing Deeds, by completing quests and (occasionally) simply by leveling. Each Trait falls into one of four categories: Virtue, Class, Racial and Legendary.

You can only have a few Traits active at a time. As your level increases, you gain more slots for Traits, so you can have more active Traits. To activate a Trait, see a Bard in any major city.

We will only talk specifically about Class Traits and Legendary traits later on.

As soon as you leave the intro instance, you can start to learn traits by using your specific class skills. When you use that specific class skill “x” times, you will earn a class Trait. It’s then your choice to slot it or not, enhancing or changing a specific skill. Class Trait slots are limited in total and in level (your first class trait slot will open at level 15). But for knowledge on class traits in general you should visit the lorebook or some other generic Lotro resource, like Lotro-Wiki.

Traits you can learn from at the start, right after you leave the intro instance:

Light of Hope: This is a great little trait. If you are healing (or soloing) it will practically half the morale cost of your Beacon of Hope skill, as well as lowering its cooldown to 20s and taking one whole second from its induction, making it take only half a second to cast. Use Beacon of Hope 600 times.

Master of Beasts: Increases the duration of the Sign of the Wild skills (Protection and Rage) and lessens the power cost of those same skills. It will also remove negative effects from your pet, like Disease, Poison, Fear or Wound. It’s one of the weakest traits in this trait line and should only be used as a filler. Sign of the Wild skills already have a long duration and low power cost, so increasing the duration a little but and marginal decrease in power cost are a bit redundant. The negative effect removal is also not very useful (you can probably remove half of those with your own skills). Use Sign of the Wild: Protection 500 times.

Master of the Staff : This is one of those super-traits. I still slot it most of the times, even when I am on a debuffing role or healer role, if there’s a slot to spare. First it will raise your morale by 5%, at higher levels this increase alone is pretty noticeable. It will change your Staff Strike skill to the Improved Staff Strike one and what an improvement it is. First it will deal extra damage on a flanked enemy, but also consuming the flanked event so you cannot heal and deal extra damage on the same flanked mob. It will also stun the mob if it crits. To help with that, the critical change is increase by flat 20% (bringing it over the melee cap, if you ever reach it).Damage is increase by 25% on normal hits and It will deal 50% more damage on critical hits and devastating critical hits. Its pretty awesome if you like to melee with your Lore-Master (I know I do). Use Staff Strike 600 times.

Power and Wisdom: This trait will buff your Power of Knowledge skill (the one you use to draw power from your enemies). It will decrease its cooldown, increasing the length of the channel effect (so you will spend a little more time drawing power from your enemy) and double the power yield from the skill. With this trait on, my Power of Knowledge skill usually fills about 75-80% of my power bar. So if you are grouping, specially at end-game its one those traits that will help you keeping your power and your fellowships power up. Draw power from your enemies 250 times.

As you progress through the game, you will earn Traits. Traits are gained by completing Deeds, by completing quests and (occasionally) simply by leveling. Each Trait falls into one of four categories: Virtue, Class, Racial and Legendary.

You can only have a few Traits active at a time. As your level increases, you gain more slots for Traits, so you can have more active Traits. To activate a Trait, see a Bard in any major city.


5 Responses to “Traits – Levels 1-10”

  1. Nerves April 28, 2011 at 15:47 #

    The importance of Power and wisdom for grouping can’t be underestimated, and fights are a lot faster and fun when you get in and bash stuff with your staff. Add the legendary sword and staff trait to make it even more awesome.

  2. Storm May 5, 2011 at 23:16 #

    Just wanted to say thank you and good luck. Thanks for a great lore master resource and as a father of a 3 yr old I know I feel outnumbered sometimes and that’s just one kid.

    Being new to LOTRO and ultra-casual(level 19 LM is my first and only character) I’ve really appreciated the level by level breakdowns of the new skills we get and the emphasis on low level learning. The new player experience in LOTRO is pretty smooth and guided, but you often make rookie mistakes when you don’t understand the skills properly or you see the wrong synergies.

    I’m also “trying” to play FTP for the bulk of my newbie experience. I plan on going VIP at some point, but I’ve enjoyed going really slowly, working on deeds to earn TP and traits. Its given me a lot more practice so I feel reasonably competent but nowhere near expert.

    I doubt you have FTP experience, but the only additional things I would look for in your blog would be leveling/combat tactics at the level break points and some guidance as to what deeds/traits to work on first (if it matters).

    From where I’m sitting, I’m pretty sure that I’m inefficient in terms of leveling/killing things, part of that is because I’m working on my LM deeds so I do strange things like cast both lore spells at a single mob, work in 2 staff strikes per mob, heal my pet in combat, etc.

    The question is, is there value in doing that while leveling and how different is my approach from what would be considered optimal at a particular level? So for example, at level 19, I’m pretty capable of taking out packs of 3 normal mobs or a single signature mob, even using my crazy rotation. Sign of battle, gust, cracked earth, both lores, staff strike, usually a sign of battle with a flank effect for healing, and then a burning embers + staff strike will kill just about everything I’ve run into. I’ve also been known to heal my raven, and drain power mid combat 😛

    I’d like an experts opinion of what the most efficient killing strategy would be at level 19 and then also what a workable strat is for also working on LM deeds. Also, since I’m getting close to 20 and groups are already being advertised, some early advice and descriptions of Barrow lands and GB would be helpful.

  3. wickedpt May 11, 2011 at 11:42 #

    Honestly, i’m leveling a new Lore-Master myself in the Crickhollow server. I end up doing just that, over-work on my deeds and casting things that dont need to be cast just to unlock that deed.

    I End up stealing power when I’m full, casting wind-lore on melee mobs and so on.

    As for starting traits, i would recommend working on that Staff-Strike (Master of the Staff) deed as quickly as possible, since it really helps with leveling.

    Beast-Lore is also interesting while leveling, since it can buff your pet significantly.

    • Stormbryt May 13, 2011 at 21:08 #

      Well, sounds like I’m doing alright then. I’ve finished staff strike, the lore, the dunedain, and healer traits already, I’m basically left with the power drain, beacon, and council traits to work on. Since I only have 2 trait slots unlocked its sort of a waste, but I’m running with hardy bear + staff strike and feel really powerful relative to what I’m doing. If I get swarmed by 4+ mobs I can have some trouble, but otherwise I feel pretty invincible most of the time.

      I know most people prefer to run with lots of vitality/morale but I’ve had a good time maxing out fate and will on my gear, and only really upgrading vitality/morale when I happen on it. At higher levels it seems like people can cap out fate/will but right now my fate tends to run 30-40 pts more than will.

  4. J May 13, 2011 at 10:42 #

    Hi there,

    just wanted to say thanks for this great resource. I’m almost finished going through the archive and must say this is the best LM guide I could find so far.
    Especially as a brand new player in lotro this helps tremendously!
    Keep it up 🙂

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