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What comes next?

20 Dec

Maybe you didn’t notice, but i haven’t posted much or anything at all lately. Honestly, my two baby girls are taking most of my time (Blog time, gaming time, etc). But my leave is almost over, so i’ll be back to work soon. Since i have a long comute back home, i’ll have some spare blog time on the train and will probably pick up where i left of.

But i could use your help. I haven’t received comments lately and I’ve sincerely thought about shutting the place down. I guess it’s up to you. If i still have anyone out there that finds this blog interesting or useful, i’ll keep running it. I love the Lore-master class and i have great pleasure on passing my experience to others.

So I’ve created a poll so you can choose or guide me into what you think StaffStrike should be heading next. If the blog has run its course, it was a very rewarding first blogging experience.

Please vote and merry Christmas in your part of the world.


Lore-Master changes on the way and some blog news.

19 Oct

Hello everyone.

Recently i was blessed with the gift of fatherhood, with two gorgeous baby girls. That’s the biggest reason for the slowdown on blog posts. And it has been worth every second. 🙂

Altough my posting time has been lowered, i still try to be on top of Lore-master (and Lotro) related news.

Yesterday, there was a very interesting post at the oficial LOTRO forums, by Sapience, when someone asked about the next patch contents:

Funny you should ask! There are a lot of great changes coming for the LM in the next update. Graalx2 and I were just discussing the dev diary this morning in fact. You’re going to have to wait a little bit to read it, but we both think LM’s are going to be really happy with the changes (and new skills!).

So now you know two things due in the next patch. Vault updates (you should see the Developer Diary for that on Thursday) and Lore-master changes (Dev Diary probably a couple weeks from now). I’ll even throw you a bone and let you know Rune-keepers will get some attention this update as well.

So, seems like the Lore-master is next in line after the last patch updates to the Hunter and Captain classes. There where already a few tidbits of information flowing out from the devs. This is what’s already planned:

– The diferent Lore-master pet appearances will be changed to a skill. So no more using necklaces for that appearance you love so much.

– Blinding Flash will have an interrupt component to the skill. So even if a creature is immune to mezzing (Bosses, for example) they can still be interrupted. But there is a catch: The regular Blinding Flash immunities will apply, meaning that the Dead and Creatures of Nature will still be immune to the interrupt.

– New pet food. I was digging around the Lorebook and found these little items: Cut of Lean Meat, Handful of Hearty Seeds and Bowl of Fresh Water. I would guess that they will work just like the Honey and Oats work on the Bear pet.

Let’s wait on the Dev Diary in a couple of weeks.

First Flank

21 Jun

Hello dear LOTRO players. My name is Ricardo (Ric or Ricky for short) and i’m an European LOTRO player lost in the Turbine servers.

Just so we’re clear. English is not my first language and this is my first blog. Can this be a recipe for disaster? Let’s hope not. 🙂

Anyway, my main drive to start this blog is mainly due to the lack of Lore-master resources out there, outside the LOTRO forums and specially for newly created lore-masters.

I’ll try and have a main weekly feature, revolving around a detailed lore-master skill or trait, because if you are starting LOTRO, the Lore-Master is not what it seems. Its a very complex class that may or not play well with others. So I’ll try and keep detailed explanations on Lore-Master’s skills, its secondary effects and its effects on other classes you might have on your fellowship.

I will also add a few screenshots from in-game skills. Please keep in mind that these skill screenshots are from a level cap Lore-Master so damage, power costs and some skill info will be different from your own Lore-master skills.

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