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Level 20

4 Feb

Congratulations on making it to level 20. Hope you have enjoyed your journey here. At level 20 things will start to get easier. Lore-masters will be able to use one of their own emergency skills, called Wisdom of the Council, which you should use if you are ever in a tight spot. You will also be able to use a skill which enables the lore-master to “scan” an enemy before engaging battle with it and debuff it a little, called Knowledge of the Lore-Master. At level 20 you will also be able to equip special books that will reduce the power cost’s of a certain group of skills. From the types of books available, I recommend going with the Books of Nature since the “Lore” type skills, like Fire-Lore and specially Wind-Lore have an expensive power cost compared to the other groups of skills, like Signs of Wild and Signs of Battle. Every 10 levels, up to level 40 you will be able to upgrade to the next tier of books available, so if you are a Scholar or know one, look them up. If not there is also the trade channels and the auction house.

Knowledge of the Lore-Master: This is a lore-master only skill that enables you to scan an enemy type creature and study its weaknesses along with some other useful info like type of creature or if they are immune to stuns, roots and fellowship maneuvers. It is unlikely that you will use this skill on every enemy you face, but it is interesting to use once in a while to study a specific type of creature or to scan a particularly tough elite or boss mob. This skill has 2 versions. If you use it out of combat, you will debuff the resistances of the scanned mob and after that it will show you the detailed info screen about that particular enemy. In combat it will only show you the screen but it will not debuff the selected enemy.


Wisdom of the Council: This skill will somewhat change your perception about the Lore-Master’s squishiness. It’s a major self-heal with some minor (but sometimes lifesaving) buffs. Wisdom of the Council is an immediate skill, so it will cancel any skill animation or induction you might be doing, for an emergency heal. The heal will amount to around 50%-80% of your current max morale. The heal has a couple of buffs that will linger in the lore-master for a whole minute after the heal is cast. First, it will reflect a small amount of damage for every attack made on you. It also has a small chance (5%) to completely negate any damage made to you, as long as it is common, Fire or Shadow damage. Every attack made to you also has a larger chance to stun the attacker (25% chance).

TIP: There aren’t many tips on how to use an emergency skill. Use it when you need it. If you see yourself going down on morale , use it. You can also use it as a preemptive measure on a specific tough fight or boss in which you know a big attack is coming and your morale is low. The cooldown is kinda short for this kind of heal (10 minutes) so don’t be greedy saving for later. Use it when you need it.


Wisdom of the Council (Level 24)


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